Faculty of Medicine

Technology Application Unit
Intensive Care Unit, Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto

University of Toronto



    Thomas E. Stewart


Mount Sinai Hospital Suite 427

600 University Ave

Toronto ON

M5G 1X5


E-mail: tom.stewart@utoronto.ca


Professor of Medicine and Anaesthesia

Chief Clinical Officer and Physician-in-Chief, Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto

Type of Research: Clinical Topics in Critical Care, Mechanical Ventilation, Lung Protective Ventilation Strategies, High Frequency Oscillation, Technology Applications in Critical Care.

Current Research Funding: Canadian Institute of Health Research, Physicians Services Incorporated, Ontario Thoracic Society, Change Foundation, and several private industries.

Description of Research Program: My research has largely revolved around the conduct of large scale clinical trials in mechanical ventilation. Historically this involved the evaluation of a pressure and volume limited ventilation strategy. Currently it involves a lung open ventilation strategy that is also pressure and volume limited. In addition I am coordinating a multi-center trial looking at the safety and efficacy of HFOV with a more aggressive lung open approach. In conjunction with our team, in our unit we are interested in many applications of mechanical ventilation, currently this includes extubation protocols, sedation protocols, recruitment maneuvers, physiologic monitoring and frequency tolerance during HFOV. Recently under the auspices of our newly created Technology Application Unit (www.medtau.org) we have gained an interest in the evaluation of new technologies and their role in clinical medicine with a focus on critical care. Finally, in conjunction with our simulator program (see human simulation program at www.medtau.org) we have gained an interest in using simulation to facilitate critical care teaching and the training of advanced techniques.


Recent Publications:

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