Pandemic Resources for Critical Care

RECENT Literature

Critical illness due to 2009 A/H1N1 influenza in pregnant and postpartum women (ANZICS investigators, BMJ March 2010)

Severe 2009 H1N1 influenza in Pregnant and postpartum women (Louie et al, NEJM Jan 2010)

Oseltamivir for influenza - Cochrane update (BMJ Dec 2009)
(Roche response to questions raised)

H1N1 in Pregnant & immunocompromised patients (Crit Care Med, Nov 2009)

Preparing your ICU for the 2nd wave (Crit Care Med, Nov 2009)

Antiviral agents for severe influenza (Crit Care Med, Nov 2009)

Critically ill patients with H1N1 (Critical Care Rounds, Oct 2009)

Critical care and H1N1 in Canada (JAMA, Oct 12th, 2009)

Critical care and H1N1 in Mexico (JAMA, Oct 12th 2009)

ECMO for H1N1 (JAMA, Oct 12th 2009)

Critical care and H1N1 in Australia (N Engl J Med, Oct 8th 2009)

H1N1 during pregnancy (Jamieson et al, Lancet)






H1N1 (Swine) influenza Resources

Pandemic planning resources



Canadian Critical Care Society
H1N1 Resources and   Recommendations


H1N1 Conference
(Sept 2-3, 2009)

Regional resources

            CDC H1N1 'flu information

WHO - H1N1 influenza updates

Public Health Agency of Canada - Swine influenza

Ontario Ministry of Health - Swine influenza

Society for Critical care Medicine: Swine flu resources


    Pandemic Plans by country

Ontario Health Plan for Influenza Pandemic

Canadian Pandemic Influenza Plan

WHO Pandemic preparedness

Chinese University of Hong Kong
Influenza Pandemic Resources


News updates
H1N1 death rate:
CIDRAP report: relatively low fatality rate
UK and US data compared
Low fatality rate in Japan
Oseltamivir resistance reports:
North Carolina



H1N1 in the ICU (MMWR report)

Case report: treatment with IV zanamivir

Oseltamivir-clopidogrel interaction: 
Shi et al (original article)  Fowler et al (letter)

Impact of H1N1 on ICU capacity in Australia (Medical Journal of Australia)
Bacterial co-infection in H1N1 pneumonitis (MMWR)

Development of a Critical Care Triage Protocol (Healthcare Quarterly)

Preparing for H1N1 (JAMA editorial, Oct 12th 2009)



Expanding ICU facilities in an epidemic - Gomersall et al, Intensive Care Med 2006

Triage Protocol for Intensive Care (CMAJ 2006)

Care of the Critically Ill during a disaster (Chest 2008)

Pandemic lessons from Australia

Guidance for establishing standards of care for use in disaster situations (With full Institute of Medicine report)

Surgical mask versus N95 for HCW protection (Loeb et al, JAMA, Oct 1st)  

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Other resources
Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines

ProMED Mail archives

 Description of the Critically ill patient with H1N1 pneumonitis

University of Ottawa Telecast: Lessons from the Winnipeg outbreak

Winnipeg meeting, Sept 2-3, 2009


Educational Resources from Mount Sinai hospital

Bioethics in Pandemics

Canadian Program of Research on Ethics in a Pandemic

The Society for Critical Care Medicine has made the following sections available, from their publication "Fundamental Disaster Management":

Personal Protective Equipment and Decontamination
Personal Protective Equipment for routine patient care
Personal Protective Equipment for procedures with high risk of aerosolization
Disaster triage and allocation of scarce resources

Toronto Teleconference minutes (password protected) 

Swine/H1N1 'flu on PubMed

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